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StorageVault™ Unifies VMware Virtual Machines Backup

StorageVault™ VMware backup module is designed for using in conjunction with SBA for fast and secure backup of guest virtual machines in VMware vSphere (ESX / ESXi), Server, Workstation, Fusion, and Player. VMware vCenter is supported by the latest SBA. Therefore, backup can be done with or without vCenter, depending on your configuration.

  • The ONLY solution that supports ESXi Free version
  • VDDK / non-VDDK backup mode supported
  • Fast backup with VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology
  • VMware vCenter supported
  • Virtual machine hot backup
  • Fast multi-thread backup
  • In-File Delta incremental backup
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unlimited retention
  • Secure 256-bit encryption
  • Local, LAN / WAN backup

How it Works Without VMware vCenter

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How it Works With VMware vCenter

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