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RRSStorageVault™ Replication Remote Storage (RRS)

RRRSStorageVault™ Replication Remote Storage (RRS)
A server application for storing data replicated from one or multiple StorageVault™ Main Remote Storage, so as to provide an additional level of protection to the backed up data.

  • Incomes from Offsite Replication

    Over the pass years, Storage Vault™ has built a large community of end customers who use our solution in-house. Most of them do not have offsite backup of their critical data. As an online backup provider, you can now convert them into your customers by offering offsite replication service to them with RRS and earn handsome recurring incomes.

    A Tool for Your Own Protection

    Besides using RRS for offering replication service, you can also use it for your own protection. RRS offers close to real time replication of MRS, so that when your live MRS is out of service, you can switch the RRS into MRS so as to keep your backup service uninterrupted. Alternatively, you can also choose to restore the backed up data from RRS when your MRS machine is recovered.

  • Rich Features for Online Backup Providers

    RRS offers close to real time replication with easy-to-use interface and useful features for online backup providers to earn extra incomes, as well as to protect your own RRS servers.

    • Receiving backup data and user profiles replicated from multiple backup servers
    • Instantly convertible into a backup server
    • Easy rebranding and customization
    • SSL support
    • 32 languages support
    • Proxy server support
    • Web management console
    • Comprehensive replication log
    • Run on Windows, Linux, UNIX


  • Advanced D2D2D Architecture

    Storage Vault™ Backup Software uses disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) design which proved to be the best backup system design for nowadays computer systems. See the following diagram for how RRS fits into the whole architecture of Storage Vault™ Backup Software.
  • Under Construction

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