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Core Backup Software Components

StorageVault™ Backup Software consists of 4 core software components. StorageVault™ Server Backup Agent (SBA) and StorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent (DBA) are the backup software for installing on the servers, desktops or laptop computers that you need to back up. StorageVault™ Main Remote Storage (MRS) is the backup server software for installing on a server that will host all the SBA / DBA backup users and their backup data. StorageVault™ Replication Remote Storage (RRS) is a replication server software for providing an additional backup of the MRS. The following is an overview diagram showing the relationship among these 4 components.

Overview-storagevaultBesides these core components, we also have a low price backup server operating system named StorageVault™ Main Local Storage (MLS) for installing on a bare computer / server. All the parameters in MLS have been optimized to allow MRS running smoothly on it. If you wish to build a backup server economically, we highly recommend you to use MLS.

Backup Modules for StotageVaultSBA

We have developed the following add-on backup modules for SBA to back up different type of servers. Except Microsoft Exchange Individual Mailbox, VMware and Hyper-V backup modules, all other modules will be included in the Purchase and Meter license of SBA.

Exchange-database Exchange-mailbox Exchange-DAG VMware HYPER-V Oracle Lotus MSSQL MySQL WINSYS

Cloud Backup Services

We are now offering 3 cloud backup services for businesses in Hong Kong. Cloud+USB Backup service is specifically designed for small businesses with just a few computers and servers to back up. Cloud Backup service is the most economical offsite backup solution for most businesses who need to back up under 500GB of data. For those who have large data, Cloud Backup Pro will be your best choice.

Backup Appliances

4 models of all-in-one backup appliances, T110 II / T420 / R320 / R720xd, are available for Hong Kong businesses who need to deploy SBA server in-house but do not have the time and expertise to select best-fitted server hardware.

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