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MLSStorageVault™ Main Local Storage (MLS)

LMLSStorageVault™ Main Local Storage (MLS)
The core server application of StorageVault™ Backup Software offering centralized backup services to diverse StorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent and StorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent client users, which allows system administrators to manage individual users and their account configurations, as well as monitor the entire system’s performance easily.

  • Save Time on Installation

    With MLS, the installation of operating system as well as MRS on a machine can be completed in one simple step within a few minutes. As opposed to using Windows or Linux, which the installations of the operating system and MRS have to be carried out separately, it thus saves you a great deal of time.

    Save Money on Purchasing Operating Platform

    The price of MLS is much lower than a regular operating system. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money in purchasing other operating platforms, such as Windows or some commercial distributions of Linux, and paying for the related maintenance fees.

    Tuned for the Best Performance of Running MRS

    MLS is customized with kernel memory consumption, file system block size, buffer size, cache size, and other parameters tuned for the best performance of running MRS. It saves you time for doing these tunings by yourself when using other operating platforms.

    Support of Common Hardware

    MLS can be installed on any common computer or server machines. Therefore, it provides you with a high flexibility in choosing hardware that fits your requirement.

    Easy Storage Expansion through iSCSI

    With the support of iSCSI, MLS allows you to expand the storage for MRS easily when needed in the future.


  • Rich Features 

    • Web Management Console
    • Auto-detection of local hard-disks
    • RAID0, RAID1 and RAIDZ support
    • Archiving configuration to tape
    • SSH support
    • UFS storage model support
    • ZFS storage model support
    • ZFS integrity checking
    • SFTP support
    • iSCSI support
    • NTP synchronization
    • Hostname table
    • 2 DNS servers
    • Proxy support
    • SSHD remote console access
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply support
    • SNMP support
    • Backup and restore of system configuration


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