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DBAStorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent (DBA)

DDBAStorageVault™ Desktop Backup Agent (DBA)
A light version of StorageVault™ Server Backup Agent with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface, which is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers.

  • On-Premises, Online or Hybrid Backups

    DBA allows backing up data on a desktop or laptop computer to local and offsite destinations, e.g. local hard disk, on-premises backup appliance, and managed online backup server located in datacenter. With such flexibility, you are able to use DBA in offering on-premises, online, or hybrid backup solutions for your customers based on their own needs.

    Continuous Backup in the Background

    DBA equips with the Continuous Data Protection feature which when enabled will keep monitoring the computer silently in the background to see if there are any changes within the defined set of files and folders. Whenever there is a change, it will immediately back it up to the corresponding MRS backup server. This feature is especially useful to business or home users who need to keep all versions of their critical data.

    Proprietary Backup Features

    Besides Continuous Data Protection, DBA also equips with many useful backup features such as Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express easy backup, multi-threading multi-core backup, In-File Delta incremental backup, 256-bit encryption, 256-bit SSL transmission, flexible backup schedules, open-file backup, flexible retention policy, unlimited versioning, easy backup source filtering, on-premises and offsite backups, etc. All these made DBA a superior backup tool for backup providers to offer to your business and home customers.

    Clean User Interface

    Designed for desktop and laptop backup users, DBA comes with a clean and easy to use interface that all users will know how to install, configure and use it. It is an ideal entry level backup solution for online backup providers to target home and SOHO customers.

    100% Restorable

    Customers having trouble in restoring backed up data with your existing backup software? It will never happen again after using DBA. We guarantee 100% restorability of the backed up data as backup data's integrity will be ensured by the regular CRC integrity checking on the corresponding MRS backup server.

    Provider Friendly Pricing

    With all the above benefits included, DBA is still the lowest priced desktop and laptop backup application for online backup providers. For example, the purchase of 10 DBA licenses for starting your online backup business only costs $400. The more you purchase, the more you save. Moreover, upon any purchase of DBA licenses, we will provide you with the MRS centralized management console for FREE, so that you can use it to manage all DBA customers centrally.

  • The Richest Features Backup Application in the Market

    Among all backup software available in the market, DBA comes with the most comprehensive features for virtual machine and physical server backup that you can think of.

    Features Designed for Online Backup Providers

    • Easy rebranding and customization
    • Auto-upgrade
    • In-client advertising
    • 32 languages support

    Supported Backup Types

    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Outlook Express
    • Files

    Features for Backup and Restore

    • Continuous Data Protection
    • Daily backup schedule
    • Auto-restart missed backup job
    • Multi-threading
    • In-File Delta
    • Password protection
    • 256-bit encryption
    • 256-bit SSL transmission
    • One time restore multiple versions
    • Removing server-side backup data from client
    • Proxy server support
    • Flexible retention policy
    • System logout reminder
    • Off-line reminder
    • Backup filter
    • Open file backup
    • One time restore multiple versions

    Supported Operating System

    • Windows
    • Mac
  • Advanced D2D2D Architecture

    StorageVault™ Backup Software uses disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) design which proved to be the best backup system design for nowadays computer systems. See the following diagram for how DBA fits into the whole architecture ofStorageVault™ Backup Software.
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