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Upon our professional customer service team’s receipt of a customer's enquiry, we will work closely with you to resolve all the technical problems. We have two levels of Technical Support services for you to choose.


Free Support

This support level is ideal for all potential and existing customers who are familiar with the technical aspects of our products, possess strong technical know-how, and require only a minimal level of technical support from StorageVault™. Free Support includes:

  • All StorageVault™ administration and user guides
  • White papers and other documentations
  • Access to the FAQ
  • Access to StorageVault™ Forum
  • Access to the first level of the Live Chat Support

Premium Support

This support level is ideal for clients who require having software upgrade whenever there is a new version of StorageVault™ Backup Software released, and a high support level from StorageVault™. It comes with more communication options as well as faster response time to the subscribed clients. Premium Support includes:

  • All services included in Free Support
  • Access to the second level of the Live Chat Support
  • Software upgrades
  • Email support
  • Phone call back support
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Weekdays with target response time of 1 hour
  • Weekends with target response time of 8 hours

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